Our spray drying plant has a drying system carried out in three stages:

 The use of lower drying air outlet temperatures in conjunction with the effect caused by the dynamic fluidized bed favors the obtaining of powder products of excellent quality, with a minimum of thermal deterioration of the thermolabile components and with exceptional characteristics in terms of agglomeration. These properties can be used in the food and pharmaceutical industry to obtain highly specialized ingredients that are used to obtain a wide variety of foods and medicines.


For example, the incorporation of essential fatty acids in food and pharmaceutical products to improve their functional properties is a very common practice in the industry; however, these lipids are very susceptible to oxidation and have high hydrophobicity, which can affect the organoleptic properties of the finished products and make their handling difficult during their manufacturing processes.

 Our objective is to offer our clients the development of products rich in essential fats through the lipid encapsulation technique using our spray drying plant, in such a way that it allows obtaining powders with greater solubility in water and greater stability in storage conditions.


We work together with our clients to develop specialized powder products that meet the functional characteristics that best meet their needs. We can develop final products or ingredients tailored to your requirements, we have a research and development area with extensive experience and a very important analytical technical infrastructure.  



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