Nucitec Today

Dedicated to addressing problems of malnutrition, obesity and chronic diseases, for almost 20 years, at Nucitec we have focused on applying scientific knowledge and cutting-edge technology to develop, as well as commercialize, specialized medicines and foods that the population requires to improve their nutritional and health status.


Achieve the maximum benefit that science can bring to the health of the population, offering the best medicines and specialized foods.

Our Target

Generate well-being:

To our consumers through products made with quality.
To our employees who see Nucitec as a solid source of work that encourages them to develop as talented and productive individuals.
To our community without neglecting the environment in which we develop.
To our suppliers, partners and customers who find in Nucitec an organization with solid principles and values.


We are committed to manufacturing and marketing pharmaceuticals and specialized foods that meet the requirements of our customers, focusing on continuous improvement processes.


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